Six on Saturday: indoors

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: indoors”

    1. I completely forgot to mention that. I use the ends to make pots and then the middle as root trainers for corn when I need a bigger pot than a toilet roll

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      1. Oh, I knew it was indoors & am highly jealous of your space, but didn’t realise it was dwarf. Does that mean in vine size or fruit size?


      2. The indoor space is the ‘office’ but I have taken it over. Both, cricket ball sized fruit and compact bush not vine in habit.

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      3. Wouldn’t bother. Chances are it’s sterile or if not the offspring will regress and you end up with the undesirable characteristics they need out of the parents. The breeders protect their investments.


      4. I think you actually never know what is going to happen. Could be terrible or not worth it or you could get something just as good – genetics are funny things – something interesting to try on the the side -I wouldn’t rely on it for food though.


      5. Breeders want you to think it won’t work so you don’t try and just buy seed each year from them instead


  1. Those potatoes are a lot further ahead than mine! I haven’t tried putting them in compost before they planted out, so it’ll be interesting to see how yours fair 🙂
    You’re making me feel behind on seedlings too, as I’ve only just ordered my radish seeds! I’ll have to look into Charles Dowding’s clump method though, as I’ve not come across that before….


    1. They have been one the bench for a long time. I find if they chit a tiny bit and I add compost they grow fast otherwise, they take their sweet time. So I add compost when I want to plant them out (around now). Probably makes no difference to the yield but makes me feel like I am doing something positive. I am in London so have very warm garden compared to most allotments


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