6 thoughts on “Perennials”

  1. Thanks for this great advice. I grow both plants, but haven’t had much luck with rhubarb. I think I’ve watered them too much. Also, the ones I’ve bought (as opposed to being given one from someone’s garden) have turned out to be green stalked,even though named something like ‘Sydney Red’. I think, why bother to have rhubarb if it isn’t red?


    1. It is always nicer to have red stems even just for aesthetics, I think. Rhubarb is a little different if you live in a hot climate – it doesn’t go dormant in winter but in summer when it gets hotter than 32 degrees (the closer to 32 the sadder it will look). It needs alot of water and mulch/manure but not to be waterlogged – water according to ground moisture and growth of plant. When it gets cooler again it will grow new stalks, it likes cooler moist weather better below/around 24 degrees


      1. More days have been hotter than 32 than not here during the last summer! My rhubarb is completely finished. It will be a new plant for me when the weather gets cooler. Thanks for the advice.


      2. Now would be the time to move it to a location with afternoon shade. They live on the edge of woodlands so they are used to some shade. That might help it to be active longer and deal with the heat

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  2. Brilliant post! It is so worth growing these plants because they are such good value. Rhubarb is so much fun to grow because the rate of growth is amazing! I would love to visit a rhubarb shed in Wakefield (though I’m from Yorkshire, I have never seen it commercially grown) and hear it growing! Also love asparagus, and you have got me wondering if we should make some space…


    1. Yes indeed. They last forever if planted well. Asparagus is great because you don’t even need to plant it in ‘vegetable’ beds as it is a fernlike plant if you let some spears grow out. Also, buy the purple kind and it will look extra special in the early spring. I’d take a pic of mine but its snowing right now

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