Six on Saturday: tiny fruit

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: tiny fruit”

    1. This time last year was so warm that I sowed all my seeds thinking the same would happen this year. I guess I still get a head-start even if I have to wait for the snow to finish to plant them

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      1. No, I get very frustrated with small flowers and buds. And I want a nice blurred out background, which you don’t get with an iPhone. I think the iPhone X is better, but I will have to wait some time for one of those!!


  1. If you’re doomed to be an indoor farmer, you’ll have to get an indoor bee hive to help you out – yikes! Your photos are absolutely top notch. I loved all of them, but the best of the lot for me, was the translucent pea. What is the last photo of?


      1. Wow, that’s ambitious, taking on sweet potatoes in this climate. Based on your current successes, no doubt we’ll see a fine crop from you later on this year.


      2. Well, I guess that’s why I call it an experiment – My back garden is a heat trap hopefully will work to my advantage and give a couple of sweet potatoes

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    1. hmm kind of embarrassing – its just plain white lime flower – the sunlamp has UV in it that the camera phone picks up. Also make me look like I paint all my office walls lilac.


    1. I hope so – I had a whole bunch of stuff hardening up but brought it back inside as I didn’t want to risk losing it. So I will start that again when the snow stops and cross my fingers this is the last cold snow snap for London.


      1. Inner London frost is rare (first half March) but the sun in my yard is blocked by a building until mid March so I have to wait until then for full sun


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