Paper Pot Maker & Reducing Plastic

6 thoughts on “Paper Pot Maker & Reducing Plastic”

  1. How would you use a bottle or can to make the paper pots? Also…I’ve been told not to put colored paper in my compost or to use in the garden because of the dyes. So I send all the newpaper inserts and magazines to recycle. Any thoughts?


    1. I have seen a tutorial basically doing the same thing with an old can. I have heard about the dyes but to be quite honest it would have to be pretty potent to cause problem for plants – I think decades ago they used to be toxic but now printing presses have higher standards of occupational health and safety.
      The only thing is that the glossy stuff takes longer to break down but isn’t toxic as such


  2. That paper pot maker is a great idea. I haven’t seen anything like that before. Using less plastic is really difficult if you have to shop in supermarkets, like I do because there’s no alternative place to shop in my small town. I do always take my own bags though and I refuse plastic bags in other shops. I also have a worm farm ( a plastic one) which I’ve had for about 20 years. It’s amazingly successful, although not about reducing plastic.


    1. It is hard to balance cost of food/travel with plastic. I definitely could go to the market and buy no plastic but it costs quite a lot more. I request no plastic bags at supermarket. Worm farms can be about reducing plastic as less waste in council rubbish means less plastic garbage bag use.

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