Six on Saturday: Planting out

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Planting out”

  1. Maybe your beetle is a Polydrusus Sericeus … (I didn’t know but I googled: it looks like)
    I’m surprised by your courgette, your tomatoes …(already seen in your previous blog posts) which are clearly ahead of mine. (My cucumbers still remain inside the greenhouse … precaution)


    1. That looks like the right bug – the rose is under the apple tree so I wonder if it left after eating the blossoms. I accidentally left my cucumbers outside last night – I was very glad to see they had survived the cool night time; I guess it didn’t get too cold.

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  2. I have tomato plants under lights inside the house. Usually by now I would have potted them up in larger pots and put them outside during the day to harden off and then pulled them into the garage at night. Still too cold and they are getting leggy. Some pots have two plants in them so as an experiment I pinched one or two back to see if they will leaf out from there and give me some more time. This weather is so unpredictable. Very annoying!


    1. If they are leggy just plant them deeper. I potted up mine a couple of times and I just put them at the bottom of the pot and sometimes even wind the stem around a little so it is all under the soil. Never had a problem with tomatoes becoming leggy -potting up is a cure-all.


      1. I plan to pot them up deeper in larger pots. I always do that when they go in the garden. The problem now is space and pots. Too cold to put them out to harden off just yet. I’ll repot a few in the pots I have. As usual, I planted the seed too early.


  3. It is amazing how much warmer it is in urban gardens! I just can’t believe how advanced all your plants are! It is great to have surplus like this, either to give away or fill gaps in case of accidents.


    1. We are now getting around 8 degrees or higher at night – I know they probably will be slow to grow until it warms a little but I was sick of having them indoors and I think they were getting stunted (I didn’t have any larger pots) The sun warms the beds as well when there is some.


  4. I look at your photos, then look over at my 1″ tomato plants on the sill, then look at your photos & think we can’t live in the same country. But we do & only an hour away from each other. 27 degrees. Just wow. But you’re going to have a great garden this year at this rate. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


    1. Thanks, I am very lucky but today is definitely not 27 – raining and miserable outside at the moment. (I cheat though- my veggies have been growing under lights not on window sill. I suggest that and you can have giant tomato that can’t be planted outside cos it’s too cold too)

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