RHS Orchid Show (& Plant Fair)

6 thoughts on “RHS Orchid Show (& Plant Fair)”

  1. Your photos are glorious (as usual) although I don’t think I’d want to actually own any of the orchids. The coelogyne pulverula looks just like the string of fairy lights I have in my tree outside!


    1. (weird this comment just showed up) Thank you as usual 🙂 Orchids are so numerous there is something for everyone but the best photos I do find are the tropical kinds (or hard to look after in UK) That Coelogyne has quite the display – I used to grow it in the SF conservatory with ten or more spikes like that – very tropical. Your lights are probably lower maintenance 😉

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    2. You could try Dendrobium speciosum (or kingianum) native to NSW – the second picture is speciosum, they grow between rocks and take no care at all (hardy to low frost and high temps). They smell gorgeous when in bloom and can bloom for several weeks or months depending on the size of the plant. Also, grows ‘babies’ (divisions) fairly easily.

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