Living vicariously: Part two

13 thoughts on “Living vicariously: Part two”

  1. Those tulips look like ‘Jazz’, one of my (many) favourites! This is so exciting! I really look forward to reading about your allotmenteering adventures. You are such a deserving tennant.


  2. Currant bushes might be gooseberries. I thought “bay” also when I saw the leaves of the dead trunk with shoots coming up. This is going to be a treasure hunt. What fun — and hard work to get it cleaned up.


    1. Yes the leaves look the same but it’s very hard to tell the difference between red current leaf and gooseberry leaves. All the fruit trees look well on their way to fruit so hopefully identifying will be easy soon enough.


  3. I didn’t know the answer to any of your questions except the bay, which looks like it needs a good feed. Lots of hard work ahead of you, but I’m sure you’ll get a lot of enjoyment and lovely veg out of the allotment.


  4. These pink tulips are beautiful! I also think of a “bay” for this dead tree because of new leaves ans shoots appeared. (And these snails … if you knew how to do it, and if you liked to eat them, you could have kept them and prepared them … they look like the “Escargots de Bourgogne” that we have in France)


      1. here , after “cleaning” as you said and before eating them, they are fasted for 7 days minimum (I put them in a box of empty ice cream perforated so that they breathe)


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