Small problem, Big plan.

6 thoughts on “Small problem, Big plan.”

  1. Who would report you as a trespasser, anyway? Or do people come and take things out of other people’s allotments? I think you are right that once people get to see you there with your friend, it won’t be a problem.


    1. I think the ‘boss’ is just being strict at the moment. It is the city so crime is a problem but there are only seven lots in a high fenced area so people aren’t taking others things. Also there is only one large storage shed so you can’t really steal from others.


  2. Ahh! Only 7 plots means everyone knows everyone, but I’ll bet you’ll be accepted soon. Looks like a good plan for growing and using your old lumber is a good idea. You may decide to make alterations. Good lumber can come next year, or the next!


    1. Thanks, I think by summer there will be a lot of people around and they will be used to us coming and going – I don’t think it will be a problem. I understand better to be safe than sorry


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