Yay Seeds!

13 thoughts on “Yay Seeds!”

  1. I got a free packet of a white tomato named Shah in one of my seed orders. I have some plants ready to go into the garden beds. I know yellow tomatoes have less acid. Will white tomatoes have even less? And how will I know when they are ripe?


    1. Wow, that is an interesting experiment. In my ‘expert’ opinion – I have no idea about the acid but I would guess that they would be ready like regular tomatoes – ie when they go from green to white and smell quite strong and the skin gives a little. White will be the final colour -probably green to start like most tomatoes are. Please let me know


      1. Now I’m feeling like an idiot. Of course the tomatoes would be green and then turn white. Duh.
        I’ll be very interested to see what they are like. I always grow Sungold, little sweet grape tomatoes and I like Amish Paste for canning tomato sauce.


  2. I’ll be very interested to see how you get on with the Blacktail Mountain watermelon. I’d love to grow something like that but, like you, it would have to be grown outside. I’m having a year off from growing unusual edibles although have succumbed to some pretty kales – probably too many but better too many than too few!!


    1. yes, I am very interested too – I really like melons etc but we can’t grow them here as the weather is too cold except in green houses. It is hard sometimes because people will advertise melon that can grow in ‘cool weather’ but don’t state they mean cool weather in a greenhouse


  3. This year I will try cucamelons. A new for me and like all the others squashes, they just sprouted. We’ll see if they like to be in the greenhouse (where I grew melon and watermelon in recent years)


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