Things of the Garden

7 thoughts on “Things of the Garden”

  1. Interesting. I have pittosporum in my hedge and I’ve never seen it flower. On the other hand, your pea flower is really quite something. When I put a fruit net over my veg garden to keep a local cat from using it for a toilet, it kept the white butterflies off the cabbages etc. It was amazingly successful.


    1. Well, that is the thing, this is the first time I have seen it flower but it was only that I was looking at the lily that I noticed it close up. I wonder if the shock of weather made it bloom or I just never noticed


  2. Pretty pittosporum that I discover now.
    Fingers crossed for your melons… I hope my cucumbers and cucamelons are fine because I wasn’t home for a week… I will see in 4h after the flight …


    1. I think the melons are gone to god – the stems are all floppy and that usually means no coming back. I have some seeds sown so I will plant new ones. Good luck with yours though – I think they will be better than mine

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  3. Your pea flowers are just beautiful, as are the caterpillar eggs! Did you use a macro lens for that photo? It is fab! Glorious peony of course!


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