Garden Update

9 thoughts on “Garden Update”

  1. Wow, TUF, your garden is really taking shape. It’s looking lovely. I really like that tufty ground cover. Areas that are shady most of the year but have hot sun in the summer (it’s the south side of the house in this part of the world) are really tricky, I find. Could you plant a small deciduous tree to provide summer shade, something that would grow higher than the fence and you could lift its canopy high in order to grow things underneath? Hydrangeas perhaps, when the canopy gets big enough. I have a raised garden bed with a standard escallonia ivyeii in it in one of my spots shaded by the house, and surprisingly it seems to cope.


    1. Thank you for the advice and kind words. We just cut down a tree to get more sun into the garden so I am reluctant to plant any new tree especially one higher than the fence. I perhaps will stick with bulbs and rotating plants in and out. It will give me something to do – keep me out of trouble. I fear if the garden becomes too permanent I will not have anything left to do 😉 I could put hydrangeas closest to the fence as they don’t mind shade though.

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  2. You have been so busy! Your paving is lovely? What are you using as groundcover? Apologies if you said so, but you know when you can’t see for looking! That clematis is divine! Do you know the variety?


    1. I forgot to say what the ground cover is; it is called heath pearlwort (Sagina subulata) because it has tiny flowers that look like pearls and as I found out recently Victoriana are the only sellers.
      The clematis is ‘Rebecca’


  3. Have you thought of putting some plants in pots on wheels that you can move around in that difficult area, depending on the time of year? You’ve done a lot with a small space. *impressed face*


    1. That is a good idea – we have a patio that has too many pots already so I have been ‘banned’ from having more pots. I am not allowed to buy anything unless it goes straight in the ground. I bought hydrangeas to put on the fence border in permanent shade and I’ll slowly decide on the rest.

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