String method for tomatoes

8 thoughts on “String method for tomatoes”

  1. I also use strings for cucumbers and pickles. Vertical growth inside the greenhouse gives me more free space for other plants. I don’t use this method for tomatoes because of the weight of the fruits … The fruits bend the stems attached to the strings and the sap doesn’t run anymore. Or you have to put a lot of strings to relieve the weight , as you did it


    1. I just have one string for each stem – but you are right, I may have to add support to the bigger tomatoes as I think the cherry tomatoes will be fine. Maybe little hammocks for each truss like I would for a melon or squash

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    1. I only discovered it quite recently – I think it is better for places where you limit the number of trusses – In Australia I guess you just let tomatoes grow crazily and not worry about ripening as the weather is good enough to get a long season.

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      1. I’ve almost given up growing tomatoes. Fruit Fly is a big problem and difficult to deal with. Last year I tried companion planting with basil and just planting the varieties of tomatoes that are very small. That didn’t work. Also, tomatoes grow absolutely rampantly and become feral as soon as we go away for a few days!


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