Six on Saturday: Colours of the Garden

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Colours of the Garden”

  1. Fantastic color as your purple peas! Are they “Mangetout”? I hope they will keep that color. About other items, I also like your peony flowers. Mine are not budding yet … because of the cold spring we probably have.


    1. Thank you, No, I have a yellow mangetout I just planted out. They are a shelling pea but they are green inside I think – although the seeds I sowed had a purple colour to them so I don’t know yet.
      The peony sprouted early and luckily survived through the snow so had a head start. Some died in the heatwave but I got enough flower to be happy.

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  2. Well I CAN see the gold sheen on the pods. I’ve included a Nectaroscordum in my six though my “buds” are just opening; your flowers are way ahead of mine. Your B&Q clematis looks like a variety called Piilu though I believe there are a few similar-looking ones and everything depends on the shape/ruffling of the petals.

    You’re asking how to decide which developing fruits to remove, rather than how to remove them so I guess you know that bit. If you are going to thin a very young tree, then it’s down to a single fruit in a cluster. Start with any that look diseased, malformed, damaged. That’s the easy bit. Have a think about which fruit will get the most sun (surprising how foliage can make a big difference from one fruit to the next) as, all else being equal, that’s the one to keep. Then go by size – remove the smallest first. Don’t overdo it, though. Many trees will self-service their so called “June drop” (which isn’t always in June). Sounds like the friendship between you and the tree is still young; over a year or two working out how much fruit the tree can bear in any year will become second nature.


    1. Thank you for the advice, there are quite a few useful tips for deciding which to remove. I may wait until June like you say and perhaps many will drop and I won’t have to decide. Once they grow a bit it will be more obvious which are malformed and smaller – at the moment they all look the same.
      The ‘Piilu’ I have only had since last summer so I am unsure if it has double flowers first and then pale single but you are right it does look very similar in colour


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