Six on Saturday: Buds and Blooms

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Buds and Blooms”

  1. That gerbera is certainly eye catching. I didn’t know they could survive such adverse conditions. It will be interesting to see what happens with the peanut.


  2. I’m glad to see you have had a look at the peanut flowers. You will soon be able to guide them into the ground if they don’t succeed.
    Gerbera flower is breathtaking !


  3. We thought our fig trees had died but they are both sprouting leaves now, so I totally agree re:not giving up too soon! Excited as ever by your amazing range of veg!


    1. I couldn’t decide about the pruning. I am training them up bamboo to be a column either side of the path but only one has come back in full. I think I will next year as the bottom section did not sprout and now it looks weird (and the flowers are on top) I only worked out which group they are in this year so next year I will see what effect it has.


      1. I’d be surprised if they dont want pruning right back to 30 or 45cm back end of January or February. They mostly flower on current years growth so will get top heavy if left to it. It’s only the evergreen and Montana’s that don’t need much pruning.

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