Six on Saturday: The height of things

20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: The height of things”

    1. Thanks, It is that time of year that all the roses appear on twitter and other social media that I always feel as if I am missing out as I only have one rose. I like this one as it is my favourite shade and has a very pleasing fragrance. I need to find the name of it – the label is somewhere.

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  1. I do like those purple peas: they’re a magnificent colour. I know they don’t stay that colour when you cook them, but they’re jewels in the garden.


  2. So much to say!
    First , peanut flowers : just guide them to the soil and keep them there. You should have 3-4 per plant. (Mine will arrive soon and I will send you some pictures if you want).
    Secondly, this kiwai looks good but still young, you’ll have the flowers next year I suppose.
    I also liked the color of your chili flowers and also the purple peas.
    About corn, do you just have female flowers now? Don’t fail to shake them when the male ones arrive. I did it manually 2 years ago when I got them and it worked


    1. Thanks for the advice- the peanut flowers fell off but no peg so perhaps they were not pollinated correctly. I am sure more flowers will turn up.
      The kiwi I just bought so I was not expecting much action this year.
      I think the corn is finished as some of the cons are growing and I am just waiting for the silk to turn brown and then I will eat it. I have a second lot of corn seedlings waiting to plant. The second pot is a fast growing type so should be ready before autumn

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  3. I love those purple chilli flowers and you’ve photographed them beautifully. I decided to give my Jerusalem artichokes a ‘Chelsea Chop’ as they got sooo tall and ungainly last year. Hopefully it won’t reduce the crop but will give me stockier plants. We’ll see!


    1. They do suggest to chop by half but I am not sure if it matters when – this is my first time and it was suggested around flowering time, supposedly Oct (no signs of flowers yet) I know that is supposed to make a difference as they are triggered to fatten up tubers. I guess we will both find out when we dig them up


    1. I returned head intact and sore feet from all the cobblestones – The weather is quite blighty although I have new soil and an enclosed garden so I am hoping the spores will avoid my yard. I also don’t have any surrounding neighbours who grow vegetables so am protected there. The allotment is a different story


  4. Is that a picture of a Brussels sprout plant next to the Jerusalem artichokes? It looks like it’s a great size already. I didn’t even notice you had corn, the wonderfully tall sunflowers held all my attention.


    1. Yes, it is but it looks taller than it is as it is in a raised bed – only really a couple of feet high. I need to remove some as it is getting crowded in there. The broccoli next to it will be harvested soon and make more room too. It is the first time growing artichokes for me and all suggestions were not to put them in the ground as the spread so easily.


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