Six on Saturday: Pests and Produce

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Pests and Produce”

    1. I saw the recipe on twitter from growlikegrandad – it is basically a ratio of sugar; rhubarb and gin 1:2:2 (for instance 0.5kg sugar 1kg rhubarb and 1lt gin). Mix the sugar and rhubarb to let sit for 24 hours and then pour gin over and sit in jar for a week, shake occasionally. Then enjoy with soda and lime, I assume 😉

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  1. This all looks so exciting. Really interesting re: ladybirds. I never know whether ours are native or not – we get a lot hibernating in the house over winter.


  2. I don’t know about you but I don’t have many ladybirds this year and these larvae could be a solution: I don’t know if I could find them here … Sorry for corn and beans but it isn’t too late to sow french beans. This is my idea for the next few days. I must first make room in the garden because I am waiting for the end of the harvest of broad beans and potatoes


    1. The beans should be ok because the vines are very talland still have Lot of flowers. Our back garden is surrounded by buildings and a park but I think our garden was very barren until I moved in so I am trying to repopulate with a good balance. You can buy larvae at but only in the UK. They have an email/telephone asking you to contact them about EU – maybe they could suggest someone with French species

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  3. Suddenly I’m seeing these insect hotels everywhere and I really like the look of them. I didn’t know about purchasing ladybirds and wasps-must look into it, although we have a lot of ladybirds in the garde. Don’t know there are enough to deal with the aphids, though. Sorry about the corn, but it was funny to think of you eating the one kernel!


    1. Yes, it seems to be the latest thing to get – I bought mine although I would have like to make one I don’t have the spare time at the moment and this one seemed reasonable in price. Not all ladybirds eat aphids (most do though and scale, mealybugs etc) some eat mildew, fungus and lichen instead. I almost wasn’t going to eat the kernel and then I thought why not I might as well taste it to see if that one morsel was at least successful.


  4. I bought some ladybird larvae online too this year as the aphids decimated my lupins. What a great solution! I think the late cold snap may have killed off the ladybirds. I now have noticed loads in the Old House garden so perhaps they were just late out from hibernation after all? That bug home is great and perhaps, if ladybirds don’t use it, bees may? It looks pretty anyway.


  5. I almost feel sorry for the aphids! Sound like a gruesome end. Having said that,I have a lot of aphids myself this year. Bit of soapy water seems to work to a degree, but I keep forgetting to spritz.


    1. I don’t mind aphids in small numbers – circle of life and all that. However, the damage to my apple tree was too much for it to bare. I tried soapy water but there were too many to have an impact. I also bought diatomaceous earth for the ants which I will use today in moderation as it kills all insects including bees and ladybirds


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