Amateur Apiarian Photography

8 thoughts on “Amateur Apiarian Photography”

  1. Thank you for appointing me. I think your camera is the same as Ali’s and as I’m looking for a new real camera, maybe I’ll order the same thing!
    (Joke). Nice pictures: the 3rd with the bee and the last with the red dahlia are my favorite. I wish you a lot of pleasant playing time to test and I’m waiting for the next SoS to see your new photos


    1. That’s right, Fred. I couldn’t be happier with it. There is a Mk III but it is eye-wateringly expensive, and when I spoke to the camera shop I concluded I didn’t need its extra features.

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      1. I think I found the same – It has 4k video but I don’t think it makes much difference as I didn’t care about the top rate video because I wanted it for photos – a few other things but when the Mark II is such great quality there was no need to go the step further.


    2. You’re welcome – We have the same camera but I have a manual lens. I would recommend it in my small experience; so no joke if you want to buy one. The SoS just past was also using the camera but even less practised than this post. I will try to use it from now on and get my money’s worth for sure. Like I said I went to Hampton Court so I have some photos to share from there as well.

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  2. These are brilliant! You must be really pleased. Red flowers are really hard, but your experiments are great. You are far more diligent than I am! I love the ‘half a bee’ first photo! He looks like he’s been caught unawares!


    1. Thanks, It is quite hard to get the shots right. I went to Hampton Court yesterday and thought I took hundreds of photos but when I looked back the whole day seemed very quick in terms of photo numbers and I didn’t any of them were good enough. I guess you need to take twice as many as you need.


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