Hampton Court

13 thoughts on “Hampton Court”

  1. Hi Fiona! I’m Sally the Canadian who became your new best friend at the show. Thank you so much for getting us into the grounds. We had a fabulous day and loved all the exhibits. I hope James enjoyed himself too!


    1. Ha! I wondered if you would read this; I am so glad you enjoyed yourselves – it is so nice to hear from you. It was no problem to have you added as my guest and it allowed you to see a whole lot more on your holiday. I hope you enjoy reading about RHS Hampton Court


  2. Fabulous photos Fiona, and well done on restraining your buying urge! Though how one would choose just a few plants from such a tempting display escapes me. Those alliums are amazing: that’s probably where I’d spend my money if I was there.


    1. Thank you very much; yes, the Alliums were gorgeous and I did contemplate for a long time but I felt not budget worthy as the prices seemed quite high. The plugs I bought for £2.50 seemed a better deal at the time. I will look in to bulb deals closer to planting time as Alliums are something I don’t have yet.

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  3. Glad you enjoyed Hampton Court too! My internet is currently painfully slow to load images so I will have to come back later to enjoy them. Grrrr….


  4. Your photos are lovely! I got too hot too and slightly overwhelmed. My strategy next time I think is going to be to spend more time on a few show gardens and perhaps less time in Floral Marquee. Except that was the coolest place…I already avoided the trade stands so I don’t know how you can really manage it , it is just so HUGE!!!


    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, the trade stands were the least crowded. Some other stuff was interesting and I took pictures for ideas but not for posting. The gardens were the most crowded despite the heat. I didn’t go to the country living tent. By the time I got to the Floral design I was too hot despite their aircon -and James was at the end of his rope. You are right -it is HUGE! (but I felt more manageable than Chelsea; I guess more space to move)


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