Six on Saturday: The unexpected and the overgrown

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: The unexpected and the overgrown”

  1. I do like to eat fruit of physalis .. so tasty! Like me, your Six is all about fruits and vegetables and I hope your late melons will be ripe someday. Cut just behind the last leaf close to each fruit and remove unnecessary leaves and stems: maybe the last chance to eat them soon as cold days and nights arrive … fingers crossed


  2. Yes, a bountiful six. Physalis is something that’s rarely seen here, but I remember them from my childhood. My garden has been stumbling along this winter, but is just beginning to wake up now.


  3. You’ve got some brutes there, but somehow they’ve all found space (at the cost of the dahlias, you said?). I, too, hope you get a melon & we hear about it. How wonderful to get a melon in this climate. Your pumpkin & yours bean blossoms are gorgeous.


    1. Thank you, the dahlias are fine but less flowers than one would expect, I think. The smaller ones were smothered so no flowers. I just trimmed everything back so that the melon gets more sun. Removed the pumpkin for the melon’s sake.

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  4. Ah, that’s what Physalis does. I’ve been given three; now if I can get them through to spring I have a better idea of how much space they will need – lots. Hope they’re worth it.


    1. Apparently, they need a lot of heat – that is why I did not expect them to grow so big. I guess Cornwell will be quite warm but people usually grow them in glasshouses – they are perennial if you can over winter them somewhere. I have them in a heat trap with alot of sun on heavy soil. Good Luck.


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