Six on Saturday: Dahlia Circle

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Dahlia Circle”

  1. All are really beautiful! My preference is for reds like you. The two-tone white-red striped is gorgeous. Are you there for work or vacations? Have a good time on the other side of the ocean and bring back lots of photos!


  2. That’s so amazing. I never get over how diverse dahlias are, & to have so many beautiful ones in the same place . . . how long did you stay there? How were you able to leave? Your poor family, if they aren’t garden lovers! Hope you’re having a great time & that your garden pleasantly surprises you when you return.


    1. We were not there for a long time – just enough to take pictures. But I used to work a bit at the Conservory so I had seen them before – took them for granted. Mr Urbanfarmer is tolerated and will do as asked but not into gardening himself. Just likes the neat garden with edibles on his plate. (I got a neighbour to water so hopefully still alive)

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