Six on Saturday: Harvest time

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Harvest time”

      1. Ah OK. I understand now. I leave them a day on the ground, then put them a week in a sheltered corner to let them dry. Gently remove the soil and “the wounds will heal”. After, you have 2 solutions: that of 2016, put the potatoes in ashes and store them. Another solution (2017) is to roll each potato into a sheet of newspaper and store all the potatoes wrapped in newspaper in a box. Best preservation result. The taste depends on the sweet potato and the harvest. I’m waiting for the last moment before the frosts (end of November last year)


  1. I’ll be interested to see how your rosehip syrup turns out. They so lovely – I’m just using some in a flower arrangement. I am yet to unearth my sweet potatoes. I grew them in a big pot in the greenhouse so I’m hoping they’ve done well.


    1. The smell is unlike what I expected – I knew they were not rose scented but it does remind me their apple relations. I am just draining the first lot of rosehip now. Then will steep a second time and finally add the sugar. I will write a short post I think. The potatoes are bound to be better than mine as mine were grown outside so the weather was not as ideal as in a greenhouse.


    1. Thanks I planted them in a very moist place so I guess they didn’t suffer from the drought. The bees loved them and eventually helped get a tonne of beans. I don’t like beans but my partner does so I oblige.


  2. Hi, I have to know – have you just sown seeds for turnips, beetroot, etc? I thought it was a bit late so put my seeds back in the box! It feels chillier out so I wasn’t sure that seeds would germinate but would love to know if/how. (I’m in London, NW5) – Thanks!


    1. I have put mine in and they have germinated. I think it would be ok if they have sun as it is not too cold just yet. I can’t say for your microclimate but London is warmer in general. If the seeds were not too expensive then if they are slow/ don’t germinate you haven’t lost much. Each year is different so better just to try. This week the night time temperatures are not low so that gives them a chance.


      1. I thought it might be too late for turnips but have just sown kale, spring onions, and winter lettuce. (I already have cavolo and psb growing from earlier.) I’ve got broad beans, onions and garlic to go in but love having veg to pick in the winter/early spring so will give turnips and chard a go as well. Thanks!


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