Six on Saturday:New Year

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday:New Year”

  1. Wow those bulbs are coming up fast! How annoying to have the new shoots eaten, happened to my lilies last year (I blamed slugs) so no flowers 😦
    (Which reminds me to check them as I have left the pots outside still.)


  2. When we don’t have squirrels in our gardens, we don’t know how are these animals are pests. Fortunately, I only have slugs and birds, but so far they don’t seem to like my emerging bulbs. Happy to read you again and happy New Year to you and your family.


    1. Oh they are big pests -and they don’t hibernate because it is warm and plenty of bird feeders to eat from unfortunately. Luckily the birds were stopped stopped from digging for too many worms by the wire so at least that a benefit. Happy New Year to you too! -I’ve been keeping up with the reading even if not posting.

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  3. Some of our sweetpeas seeded themselves one year and the offspring seemed to resemble the original parents. Budding daffodils. Crikey.


    1. Thanks that’s good to know. I hope I get the same results -although I had mixed flower colours so I guess I will find out what happens with pollination. The daffodils are a sad state because they won’t make it until spring. Never seen daffodils flower this early.


  4. Wow, that Amaryllis! Stunning colour. I’m amazed that your bulbs are so advanced at this time of the year. It’s good to see you back again…I always enjoy your beautiful photos.


    1. Thank you so much! It’s the weather -it has been so ‘warm’ for the time of year that they are growing without knowing the snow will come soon (maybe). I’m excited to see how the other Amaryllis turns out but this one is so slow growing.

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