Legumes (peas so far)

Legumes include peas, beans and also peanuts most common in small gardens; it also includes pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and sweet lupin and forage such as clover and alfalfa. Continue reading Legumes (peas so far)

Potato Patato…

Even though the weather is crazy with snow at the moment; it is about now that people think about putting in potatoes – start ‘chitting’ they say (bring them out to start sprouting). There are thousands of varieties of potatoes to choose from – all suggesting whether they are good for chips, potato salad or … Continue reading Potato Patato…

2018 Seeds

This year I have quite a number of seedlings growing (perhaps not exactly 2018 but some would say too many – to them I say not possible)
I will start by saying that I have four garden beds to plant up and I will be using an intensive planting spacing and intercropping to make the most of the garden. Continue reading 2018 Seeds