Garden Update

This last month was weeks full of getting it done; the weather has finally warmed up (dare I say almost too warm for this time of year) plants don’t know what to do with all the sunshine and warmth. The vegetables are all going strong except for the cucumber and melons as it was too … Continue reading Garden Update

Yay More Seeds!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some new seeds that I had purchased and mentioned there were some coming from America. Well, last week they arrived and I have just sown them all up. They’re from a company that people have mentioned quite a bit; Rare Seeds (Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company) specialising … Continue reading Yay More Seeds!

Things of the Garden

This week (plus weekend) has been a scorcher and so plants have been both thriving and dying. The vegetables did well but also suffered if they were not in the ground for long enough – for example, the melons that you would think would love the warm weather are now dying because there was not … Continue reading Things of the Garden

Yay Seeds!

I love when I go to the mail box and spy the hard cardboard envelope in amongst the other business envelopes that surely contain bills or junk info. The sight of the brown card means that seeds have arrived! Last week I ordered seeds from The Real Seed Catalogue – they are a family run … Continue reading Yay Seeds!