Solanaceae (Nightshades) Family

The nightshade family is made up of very different plants such as tomatoes; potatoes; chillies and peppers (capsicum); and aubergine (eggplant) as well as tobacco and tomatillo/ground cherry (I just bought one so will update). Potatoes are a tuber that although related to tomatoes, diverged 7.3 million years ago and tend to be cultivated by tuber multiplication rather than flower and seed collection.   Continue reading Solanaceae (Nightshades) Family


Easy Orchid

The orchid that grows like a bulb – for when you want to grow orchids but think it might be too hard. Pleiones are orchids but grow up from a bulb that is dormant each winter – even though they are mostly from Asia they are a cool climate orchid. They can be grown indoors … Continue reading Easy Orchid