Things of the Garden

This week (plus weekend) has been a scorcher and so plants have been both thriving and dying. The vegetables did well but also suffered if they were not in the ground for long enough – for example, the melons that you would think would love the warm weather are now dying because there was not … Continue reading Things of the Garden

Finally Tulips

I had been complaining that the squirrels ate all my tulip bulbs before they even had a chance to sprout. While this is still true, out of the 40 or so I planted, a few have bloomed despite the attacks. They are not particularly incredible but I am just glad to see some in the … Continue reading Finally Tulips


Hoverflies are abundant in my back garden now that the weather is warm and sunny; although hoverflies feed on nectar, some of the species’ larvae eat aphid and other pests so it is always good to encourage them into the garden. The only problem is, although some feed on aphids; other larvae feed on plants … Continue reading Hoverflies