Sad News

My last post was in January – I spoke of all the things I would miss out on due to a holiday I would be taking though the months of February and March. I planted out the Dahlia I bought and gave last year’s ones to a friend. All of the wheels of life turn … Continue reading Sad News

Yay More Seeds!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some new seeds that I had purchased and mentioned there were some coming from America. Well, last week they arrived and I have just sown them all up. They’re from a company that people have mentioned quite a bit; Rare Seeds (Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company) specialising … Continue reading Yay More Seeds!

Yay Seeds!

I love when I go to the mail box and spy the hard cardboard envelope in amongst the other business envelopes that surely contain bills or junk info. The sight of the brown card means that seeds have arrived! Last week I ordered seeds from The Real Seed Catalogue – they are a family run … Continue reading Yay Seeds!