Six on Saturday: Progress and Presents

20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Progress and Presents”

  1. Don’t you think it would rather be a rabbit that ate your carrots? About Gloriosa, they give wonderful flowers for wonderful photos … I’m going to dry chillies because I have plenty of them, but for my tomatoes I use a dehydrator (especially with large ones : sliced and dried 8-10h , one can enjoy all winter!)


    1. ha They look like rabbits ate them as I cut them that way – we don’t have rabbits at all in central London (well, not that I know of).
      The glut of tomatoes will be eaten or any extra will be turned into chutney or sauce with apple and raisins.

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  2. I have trug envy. I watched Monty Don the other week with no less than three large trugs in his arms and had horrible thoughts. I don’t even have a vegetable garden, but oh, I do so like a trug…

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  3. Also a trug fan. Only have a small one, & think yours is simply beautiful. Pollen-free sunflowers . . . do they grow seeds then? Your veg are taking off at top speed. You’ll be busy busy busy!


    1. Thank you – I think the sunflowers don’t get seeds (I guess unless they get pollen from a different sunflowers perhaps) I don’t think people are growing them for the seeds if they don’t even want pollen – cut flowers wouldn’t have time for seeds to develop.


      1. I was thinking of people who grew them becuz they had allergies. I like the cycle of plants, so having big seed heads that birds sit on for lunch is all part of the draw for sunflowers (besides them being pretty cool flowers). Have to reconcile I’m not going to get my head around it. Totally different mindset, wanting pristine counter tops.


  4. I despair of plant sellers who cannot bring themselves to be honest and say ‘I don’t know’. In their defence many customers expect simple answers to complex problems, usually without even being able to see the plant concerned in situ. Gloriosa is naturalised in the sand at the top of the beach along the coastline north of Brisbane; hot, very free drained, nutrient poor, in the open and in shade.


    1. That is true – they have a stock answer to everything as they assume someone asking questions must not know anything about gardening – especially at the shows. Gloriosa is native to Zimbabwe so I guess the climate is similar.


  5. Oh your sweet bumblebee. I had to rescue a huge one the other day that was exhausted by trying to get out of our window. I put some sweet peas right under him and on the second try managed to transport the vase outside with him on it.


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